Remember the Winter

Summer is fast approaching, but memories of winter are still alive. I have edited two short movies from this winter season. One is from Katschberg in Austria and the other is from Val d’Isere in France. We’ve had very poor season in Slovenia regarding the amounts of snowfall. On the other hand, Val d’Isere was experiencing record snow falls this past season. I hope you enjoy the movies as much as I do :)

Colorado, USA

If you are not sure where to go skiing next year…here is a thought, why not go to Colorado USA. Vast expanses of ski areas, huge amounts of powder each year…these are just some of the things you might expect while skiing in Colorado. It was my second time in Vail and I must say, that there is no better place for skiing (so far :D). And did I mention that the snow in Colorado is so much different from the snow here in Europe. “There is no substitute for altitude!”


Taking off at Frankfurt




Forests of Colorado (Breckenridge in the background)



Colorado-09-USA-692At 3970m, Breckenridge

Verbier, Switzerland

After one month of “summer” in southeast Asia, I was on my way to Verbier, Switzerland. I arrived in Ljubljana on 18th of December and on the 20th I was already on my way to Verbier. It was quite a change from tropical forests to glaciers and snow. I’ve also packed all my photo material from Asia, so I was able to edit it in my free time. I spend 14 days skiing with my family and friends in Verbier and it was great.


Winter in the Alps/Vogel session

It was a cold Saturday morning and I was headed to Vogel ski resort. I was early (7.45 AM) at the bottom lift but there was already a lot of people. At the top there was 13°C below freezing, but the sun was shining and it was great. At first I took a few landscape shots and then I moved to snow park. Here are some of the best photos from that day. Enjoy…..(it looks like the winter is finally here)

…lake Bohinj and river Savica on the left…

…Triglav in the back…

And now some action :)

…Bine Z…

…Jakob P…